Mobility and the Importance of UX | Mobility User Experience

Being first into the market doesn’t mean anything. Now, it is all about the adaptation to the customers, what they want, compared to the supports used. Brands have to improve their services and products to make sure customers never leave them for another brand.

There are  steps to know to make sure your brand or product is doing right :

1st step : Interate !

2nd step : Focus on the « End-to-end Experience »

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What really is Mobility User Experience | Mobility User Experience

The Mobility User Experience had been « created » in the early 2000s.It Helps to find the customers’s reaction face to a product or something that will come into the market. This is the customer’s feeling about a product, with the utilisation of smartphones and applications.

  • the design and the ergonomia
  • the interface performance and rapidity
  • the statistics
  • the emotion that it can bring out

There is differents datas collect that can mix :

  • the user research, to identify the customer’s waitings
  • the sociocultural studies
  • the customer’s perception
  • the performance
  • the exposition


written by Pauline