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Mobility User Experience

User Experience | Image from Infragistics

The foundement of the « UX », User Experience is the relation between the user and his experience in the website he’s using. It’s important to keep in mind the both part of the UX it’s User + Experience. No need to real explain you …
Ok I’ll do it :

  • User : It’s the name which is give to a visitor of a website, to the dowloader of an app or more clearly, the person who uses your product. The conductor of a car is the user.
  • Experience : It’s the name you give to the Instant « I » when you user use your product. When a visitor come to your website, it’s an experience for him. Our conductor get his experience when conduct his car.

If the brand strives always to get more and more quality (or an image of quality) it’s to improve the User Experience.


In our case of the « Mobility » User Experience. It’s already the same, it’s just more specific at the smartphone utilisation and so apps utilisation.