Mobility and the Importance of UX | Mobility User Experience

Being first into the market doesn’t mean anything. Now, it is all about the adaptation to the customers, what they want, compared to the supports used. Brands have to improve their services and products to make sure customers never leave them for another brand.

There are  steps to know to make sure your brand or product is doing right :

1st step : Interate !

2nd step : Focus on the « End-to-end Experience »

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Deezer Experience Before| Mobility User Experience

Deezer application seems to be a good exemple of amelioration of his mobility user experience, look at that.


Before :

Deezer old mobility user experience

Deezer old mobility user experience

We see that all the interaction with the application are localisate in the left top of the screen, it’s the old norme. The mobility user experience isn’t really perfomant because the user has got a lot of way to use to do the action. Longer is the trajet, smaller is the time of the utilisation of your application. It’s an old mobility user experience agencement.


What really is Mobility User Experience | Mobility User Experience

The Mobility User Experience had been « created » in the early 2000s.It Helps to find the customers’s reaction face to a product or something that will come into the market. This is the customer’s feeling about a product, with the utilisation of smartphones and applications.

  • the design and the ergonomia
  • the interface performance and rapidity
  • the statistics
  • the emotion that it can bring out

There is differents datas collect that can mix :

  • the user research, to identify the customer’s waitings
  • the sociocultural studies
  • the customer’s perception
  • the performance
  • the exposition


written by Pauline

Did you say | Mobility user experience

Did you say | mobility user experience

Mobility user experience

If you have already read articles on « the seal all about mobility user experience » you hnow what means Mobility user experience.

There are enterprises who are specialised for help you to create a good mobility user experience. For exemple Genisys Group is ones of they.

They provide  design services that allow  of your website to be adaptable across multiple devices and screen sizes, by utilising techniques involving flexible grids and layouts, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries. « When an end users switch from their laptop to iPad to mobile phone, your website automatically switches to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. »

Source genisys group

By Gaelle

Context|Moblity user experience

Mobility user experience context

Every morning at the Wake up, more than 85% peoples consult their mobile. It’s the major parts of population.

In 2014, mobiles number exceeded that of computers. This number shows the importance of have a great mobility user experience nowadays and in the future.

The same year, the consultation of mobile application has increased of 67% and the consultation of web decreased of 7%.

This phenomenon shows the evolution of the use of mobile modes. This sector is a big issues for brands or technology industry.

In no more time, the world will soon be covered by 4G. That’s why factories are in competition for be the number one in this sector.

Source : évolution des usages mobile

The design| Mobility user experience

Mobility User Experience of Asos

Mobility User Experience of Asos

The design for Mobility user experience

To begin, it’s important to create an interactive application. You can choose cherfull colors, or a refined Template.

Your application needs to be as convenient as possible. For exemple Asos’s application is really clear and soft. It  adapted its website in application.

In a few words you need to make life easier for users, while remaining original to stand out from other sites.

The key steps:

1) User interface is the main source of frustration

2) Change requests slow down development time

3) Developers struggle with user interface and user experience


Experience + User | Mobility User Experience

Mobility User Experience

User Experience | Image from Infragistics

The foundement of the « UX », User Experience is the relation between the user and his experience in the website he’s using. It’s important to keep in mind the both part of the UX it’s User + Experience. No need to real explain you …
Ok I’ll do it :

  • User : It’s the name which is give to a visitor of a website, to the dowloader of an app or more clearly, the person who uses your product. The conductor of a car is the user.
  • Experience : It’s the name you give to the Instant « I » when you user use your product. When a visitor come to your website, it’s an experience for him. Our conductor get his experience when conduct his car.

If the brand strives always to get more and more quality (or an image of quality) it’s to improve the User Experience.


In our case of the « Mobility » User Experience. It’s already the same, it’s just more specific at the smartphone utilisation and so apps utilisation.