Assistance to professional mobility for job seekers

Job seekers need to travel or relocate permanently as part of their research and their return to work, are eligible for aid to job mobility paid by Pôle Emploi.

Financial assistance may be by direct or indirect ownership of all or part of the costs incurred to travel during the 3 months following the resumption of activity of dual residence and removal and reinstallation.

Job center may offer other assistance by region, such as vehicle leasing, financing of the driving license or accommodation with host families volunteer throughout France by the SAM network.

What is the user experience? The term « User Experience » was broadcast in the 90s by Donald Norman (author of the famous « Design of everyday things » and also the design method centered on the user) and, according to the ISO 9241 standard iso -210 corresponds « to the responses and perceptions of a person resulting from the use or the anticipation of the use of a product, service or system. »

The more attention will have noticed « the anticipation of use » shows that the user experience is something deeply related to the psychology of the human being (that is why this area is so exciting) and as often so subjective as it seems to me difficult to measure the emotional anticipation of being human (well, fortunately for us). Emotions are also central to the user experience. Moreover be aware that Donal Norman before being an expert user experience comes first neurocognitive sciences and psychology.

Finally the curious will have noted that the ISO standard is primarily a standard of ergonomics for the man-machine interaction. But then the user would experience in ergonomics? Yes somehow but we will first try to clarify the terms.

User experience, ergonomics or design?

In fact it is extremely difficult to correctly define all the terms used to define the areas and roles within the sphere of the user experience. Design is a very general term for me is affiliated with the design of a product with constraints (but I think we could discuss long). It also speaks of User Experience Design. Ergonomics is the term that former know best and the ergonomist is often called someone to create a good user experience. We remains whether the Usability Expert, Web Designer, Information Architect or the UI Designer (and I certainly forget) are subdomains of the user experience specialists or roles whose borders are often blurred.

Pauline Sery