The customer experience is THE digital trend of year 2015

The study Adobe / Econsultancy on the  » Digital Trends 2015  » has questioned more than 6 000 professionals of the digital marketing and the e-commerce in the world. With the explosion of the motive and the development of the cross-channel, the customer experience will be THE priority of this year for all the marketers.

More than 6 000 professionals of the marketing and the e-business were sounded at the end of the year on 2014 to realize this study, and it emerges from it that their priority is at first the customer experience.


The customer experience above all. 

If it is not a novelty, the report is more clear all the same this year than previously: 22 % of companies consider that it is the opportunity of the year and 20 % think that it is the opportunity of coming five years.

The second priority, the marketing contents, arrives rather far behind, put forward by 15 % only people asked.

Besides, for 30 % of the guarantors, it is the targeting and the customization who have to be the waysto favor, 29 % placing rather the optimization of the contents at the head of their list.

Concerning the technology, the questioned professionals are convinced of the utility of tools as the Beacons or the Big Data, but still delay putting themselves in it: 14 % think that Big Data will establish an opportunity before 5 years. Which just goes to show that he still has got a long way to go there…