Mobility User Experience in Twitter


Twitter is a new experience what’s why it’s a NEW MOBILITY USER EXPERIENCE !

For us, Mobility user expérience allows to diversifiying of exchanges and use others means of communication on social networks. Mobility User Experience is a good solution and good communication especially on social networks.

BMCI, One hundred and forty characters. One hundred and forty million messages sent every day . In five years of existence, the media in little blue bird has earned 200 million subscribers around the world who sometimes write the live history. Twitter has become a place of exchange and information on subjects as varied as the Haiti earthquake , the Japanese , the Egyptian revolution , the antics of actor Charlie Sheen and the show Everyone ‘s talking about. Newswire accessible to all, Mobility User Experience, Twitter is also a place where oral history is told through live testimonies of several million people worldwide . Certain subscribers , as our columnist Marc Cassivi , have become genuine addicts over these tweets sent in cyberspace. And analysts now estimate that Twitter would be more than $ 7 billion . Portrait of a social phenomenon on a global scale.