BEN, Artistic Director


Hi, I’m Ben Hanonge. I’m nineteen years old and I’m the head artistic director for BMCI : Mobility User Experience recommendations. I am in charge of all the graphic aspects of this website and all the graphic needs it may require. I am currently studying communication at ISCOM Rouen and I am aiming to become an artistic director after I graduate. Mobility user experience is the theme that we will be working on, and I hope that you will have a positive experience visiting our website.


Mobility user experience is a very wide area to explore. The rapid development of the internet has brought many solutions for website visitors. When we talk about mobility user experience, we have to bring up the fact that websites are getting increasingly varied in terms of content. It is therefore getting easier and easier to travel on the internet, and mobility user experience is getting better and better.


Our role on this website is to guide you and to explain everything you need to know about mobility user experience. We really hope you will learn everything you need to know about mobility user experience, so enjoy your visit !