MYLENE, Web Editor

image1Hi everybody and Welcome on web site : BMIC, Mobility User Experience !

My name is Mylène, i’m 21 years old. I’m web editor of BMCI Agency. BMCI Agency is an agency which finds solutions of communication for each others people, but above all for each user on the web. We work with customers and differents companies in the world. We have a goal : to satisfy mobility for users the web. But we can help people around the world, because for us to help people with mobility user experience is very important. The web allows at all people a mobility anywhere in the world ! And each day, people are connected on the web what’s why it’s a new experience of mobility on the web…

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information … Good experience

See u soon !



For me, what is mobility user expérience for BMCI ?

Mobility is a subject actually on the web. The mobility user is becoming increasingly important, because today with the web everything goes faster and faster. Mobility user is becoming a new experience, what’s why people are more and more calls to communication agencies… BMCI is a very good solution for you ! The mobility permite at the people to surf on internet all the time but this mobility is becoming a good experience for new user on the web. Reassure and support people in their mobility approach on the web is our priority The web change each day, what’s why we have a solution for you : BMIC is a solution ! We provide web users with an additional experience to improve their mobility up on the web.