The web 2.0 | Mobility User Experience

The term « Web 2.0 » means all techniques, features and uses of the World Wide Web, characterized by simplicity and interactivity. It relates in particular interfaces allowing users with little technical knowledge to appropriate new features of the web. Users can on the one hand contribute to the exchange of information and interact (share, exchange, etc.), both in content and page structure.

The user becomes, using the tools at its disposal, an active person on the canvas. Web 2.0 is the evolution of interactivity to web through an internal complexity of the technology, but for simplicity of use, technical and computer knowledge is not necessary for users.

Web 2.0 | Mobility User Experience

By Clémence.

Mobility User Experience | Users

Who are the users of mobility user experience ?

First of all, the word « user », in our field, means people who are using computer or any other technology.

Users are very differents and various. Nowadays with the growth of internet in the whole world, a major part of the population access to it. That’s why the age range is very large : indeed, internet users go from 10 years old to 70 years old sometimes.

Thanks to that the mobility user experience is very different and can give a large view to companies and help them a lot.

Mobility User Experience


What is mobility ?


The term encompasses all mobility (mobility user experience) shift change possibilities: it can be a geographical mobility, through mutations, or functional mobility, i.e. a field change of activity. Functional mobility in general is exercised by way of posting, but may also result from a simple change of assignment within the same administration or success in a competition.

Mobility user experience is different because it is related to the individuals.

By Lucie.