Mobility user experience : process


Mobility user experience is a process psychological. As difficult as it is to define an experience it is right that the latter is necessarily subjective, which seems easy and hollowing to one may be difficult for others.

The content, graphic approach, interface, handling of the tool or system are not executed, or felt consistently mastered by users. Perceptions are different is what makes it all the more difficult approach to the mobility user experience. The mobility user experience is something deeply related to the psychology of the human being and as often subjective because if it still seems difficult to measure the emotional anticipation of being human.

The term « mobility user experience » is very often incompletely used considering only one of the components of different professions: emotional (professional image and communication); technique (performance and speed of the interface); statistics (analysts and marketing experts); ergonomic (for professionals of traditional ergonomics and interaction design).

By Clemence.